When the volcano blows and world is reduced to a single tree- to a field of fire- to a puzzle box for our enlightenment- then i shall find you.

When there is only one old dog on the earth, lonely, crippled, beautiful  living in unsurpassed pain, then I am at your feet. 

When i have delved into your mind and see your being- when i am the man who can release you- then i will trap you.


When we are at our peak, who will stop us? or very sad, who will enjoy life? When we are dying, what can they do to us.

Draw, write, create, fly, they cannot stop us, only love can set us free. 


Lover of mine, assassin hero, inner torturer! How great is your love of the world, and the facilities by which to destroy it. Join us with your swift hand, oh your swift hand! the one savior in a dark world.


A cloudy day in the winter. The taste of blood on the mouth, the smell of iron, flaming flowers, the destruction of their black sheep, light in a dark place, when not swim in a lake ablaze. 


I hung a noose from the ceiling; lilies on the table; silver links from post to post, and i drop.


The light is constantly showing. What corpse will rise from the dark grave? What silver dagger will descend.


While people disappear in the dark night, people drink in bright lit bars.


Arousing a pleasant taste of gunpowder, and iron on this rainy night- I descend from the building, throw myself upon my enemy and turning ni the dark i see my foe, my lover, i see you, oh my brother and kings


I see you